From the developers side: MADCAP

MADCAP is the name of the app the participants will install on their smartphones. The first time the app gets opened after its installation users get prompted to log in with their Google account. After that everything else will happen in the background. The only indication that MADCAP is currently running is the little icon in the notification bar.

When MADCAP is running it is collecting information about user’s behavior completely in the background. Users can control things like logging out or pausing the data collection until turning it on again.

I am Marcel and I am a member of the MADCAP development team. Our goal is to deliver a really well working app which is also very energy efficient because no user wants to see his battery life decreasing significantly just by using MADCAP. The Android app collects all kinds of different data and saves it to a database. Therefore I am developing the way of getting the data from the participant’s phones and Stefan (another team member) is developing the way of analyzing the app for research purposes.

If you want to get to know how we are exactly developing write us a message!