You have been selected to participate in the study. Please complete the following steps to start your participation in the study.

  1. Fill-out and send the W-9 formΒ to:
    Fraunhofer CESE
    C/O Madeline Diep
    5825 University Research Ct., Suite 1300
    College Park, MD 20740
  2. Submit your consent to the Research Study Agreement terms.
  3. Complete an extended survey located at It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Note that you may optionally hand-in your W-9 form and/or sign your consent to the Research Study Agreement (Step 1 and Step 2) in person.Β  Please contact Madeline Diep ( to arrange for drop-off.

I finished the Above Steps. Now what?

Once we have received all the necessary paperwork and have confirmed that you have completed the extended survey, we will send you an email with a detailed instruction on how to download and the smartphone app that will be used in the study. Note that you will need an Android phone for this study.

Right to Withdraw

Participation in this research is completely voluntary. You may choose not to take part at all. If you decide to participate in this research, you may stop participating at any time.

If you decide to stop taking part in the study, have questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact:
David Maimon
2220F LeFrak Hall, 7251 Preinkert Dr. College Park, MD 20742
Email:, Tel: 301-405-4699

Madeline Diep
5825 University Research Ct., Suite 1300, College Park, MD 20740
Email:, Tel: 240-487-2905