The following terms govern my participation in the National Science Foundation “Pocket Security” research study being conducted by the Fraunhofer USA, Inc., Center for Experimental Software Engineering (“Fraunhofer”) and the University of Maryland, College Park (“UMD”).  By clicking on the “I Agree” button below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms set forth below.

  1. I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older.
  2. I certify that I own and shall utilize an Android OS mobile smart phone for the purposes of this study.
  3. I confirm that I have completed the Study Registration Form located at, the extended participant survey located at, and an IRS Form W-9.
  4. I shall download the MADCAP Android application (MADCAP) onto my mobile smart phone after confirmation of selection to participate in the study, completion of all study registration requirements, and before the beginning of the next billing cycle for that phone.
  5. I agree to keep MADCAP turned on at all times that my mobile smart phone is turned on throughout the term of this Agreement.
  6. I agree to participate in the study according to the terms provided at
  7. I shall not permit other persons to use my mobile smart phone while I participate in the study.
  8. Fraunhofer intends to collect mobile smart phone usage data for up to 90 days after I begin to participate in the Study, including completing the study registration, downloading MADCAP, and submitting a completed IRS Form W-9. Fraunhofer may collect data from my phone for a period longer or shorter than 90 days.  I agree that the data resulting from my participation in the study may be used as provided in the Study Privacy Policy located at
  9. In consideration of my participation in the study, Fraunhofer agrees to reimburse me for charges related to the mobile smart phone number that is registered in the study, up to $80.00 per month, for up to three (3) full billing cycles. Fraunhofer has agreed to reimburse up to this amount within 30 business days after receiving each mobile smart phone bill that is eligible for reimbursement.  Notwithstanding, I understand that I am responsible for paying my mobile smart phone bills in accordance with the terms of my mobile smart phone contract.
  10. I shall e-mail my mobile smart phone bills that are eligible for reimbursement under this Agreement to within 15 days of receipt of the bill, beginning with the first billing cycle and ending with the third billing cycle after I begin to participate in the study.
  11. I understand that if I submit a mobile smart phone bill later than the date required for reimbursement, I shall not be eligible to receive reimbursement for my mobile smart phone charges during the applicable billing cycle.
  12. I understand that Fraunhofer must be able to obtain at least 160 hours per month of mobile smart phone usage data via MADCAP in order for me to be eligible for reimbursement of my mobile smart phone bills. I understand that if, for any reason, Fraunhofer is not able to receive at least 160 hours per month of mobile smart phone usage data during the time that I participate in the study, I will not be eligible for reimbursement of my mobile smart phone charges.
  13. I understand that I bear all risks of loss, theft, or damage resulting from use of my mobile smart phone throughout the duration of the study.
  14. I shall consult the following help page if I need assistance with my use of MADCAP while participating in the study or if I have any questions regarding my participation in the study:
  15. Either Fraunhofer or I may terminate my participation in the study, effective upon receipt of notice sent to the email address provided in the text box below.